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Select the reason for adult diapers

Write:Tuaiqiu Time:2016-04-12 17:18:24

At present, adult diapers on the market to emerge in endlessly, let a person dazzling, for the various functions of different products you are not at a loss, in order to let you know our products better, in order to increase your knowledge, Xiaobian for you to introduce.

1, clean leak more worry.

Product widen and lengthen the design, increase the protection area and the absorption, effectively prevent the discharge of the pollution of the bed sheets.

2, dry and comfortable more comfortable.

Add more water absorbent polymer, to absorb a large quantity, lock wet effect is good. The mesh lines diversion shaped design pressure, guide the water to spread around, keep the surface dry and comfortable.

3, the skin surface is more intimate.

The use of advanced skin friendly non-woven surface, feel soft and comfortable, breathable moisture, beneficial to skin health.

4, safety and health more assured.

Strict control of each detail of raw materials and products, production safety and health.

Adult diapers with leak proof water insulation film, the underlying selection of leak proof water resisting material, to prevent the leakage effectively; surface is made of high-grade non-woven fabric, make uric fluid penetrate down quickly, and prevent seepage back, keep the surface dry, maintenance of skin health; having a super absorbent, made of imported fluff pulp and polymer absorber, the full absorption of infiltration does not return to rapid infiltration diversion layer specially designed guide layer, guide urine to before and after diffusion, rapid infiltration to absorb, so that the surface is more dry!