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Note the selection of adult diapers

Write:Tuaiqiu Time:2016-04-12 17:22:23

Adult diapers is disposable paper urine incontinence, one of adult care products. It is mainly used in adult incontinence using a abandoned the diaper. Most adult diapers when buying products is flaky, dressed as shorts type. Use adhesive sheets to connect to a pair of shorts. At the same time to adjust the adhesive sheet waist size, in order to fit different body fat. In general, the paper diaper structure from the inner points out into three layers, the inner layer close to the skin, made of non-woven fabric; intermediate layer is a fluff pulp absorbs water, add a super absorbent polymer; outer layer of the impervious plastic membrane.

Steps / methods

Adult diapers - Method of use

Wear underwear: like as easily wearing adult diapers.

Take off: from the urine pants on both sides of the tear off or underwear like take off.


1: urine pants dirty, please immediately replace;

2: the used diapers wrapped in trash, not in the toilet;

matters needing attention

Adult diapers - how to choose the exterior should be outside of the diaper to make the comparison, to choose the appropriate urine pants, so that will play to diapers should play a role in the selection of diapers.

1: must be suitable for wearing a person's body. Especially the legs and waist elastic groove is not looking too tight, otherwise it will hurt the skin. The size of diapers is not necessarily the same, may vary with different brands and different manufacturers. Recommendation for reference to the number indicated in the package.

2: the leak proof design can prevent the leaking of urine. Adult urine more, leak proof design of diapers that inner thigh of frills and waist leakproof ruffles and in urine volume had for a long time can be effectively prevent leakage.

3: adhesive function is better. Use glue to close to the diapers, and unlock the diapers can still repeat paste, even in patients with wheelchair convert position, not loose and fall off.

Internal use diapers, we must consider the particularity of individual skin sensitive difference of degree, in the selection of suitable size of diapers, should also be considered from the following aspects:

1: to be soft, diapers cause allergies, including skin care ingredients.

2: to have super absorbent diapers.

3: choose high breathable diapers. When the ambient temperature increased, it is difficult to control the temperature of the skin, if not properly revealed humidity and heat, it is easy to produce hot Fei and diaper rash