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Adult urine pad covered such as inductrial injury apparatus

Write:Tuaiqiu Time:2016-04-12 16:52:37

Report from our correspondent (reporter zhao peng) yesterday, the city human social security bureau released, since June 1, the disposable urine pad, disposable diapers, disposable diapers, disposable urethral catheterization bag of these four items, include Beijing inductrial injury worker scope of assistive devices.

City human resources and social security bureau haven inductrial injury, the disposable urine pad limitation to be 750 yuan/person/month; Disposable diapers and disposable diapers cost limitation to be 750 yuan/person/month (the total allowance for two); The cost of disposable urethral catheterization bag limit is RMB 1440 / person/month. After the measures, can enjoy the life nurses cost greatly reduce industrial injuries because of inductrial injury causes big, urinary incontinence, things such as the use of disposable urine pad cost burden, improve their quality of life.

Committee of labor ability appraisal will be based on the information submitted to confirm whether need to configure the inductrial injury worker, and the configuration of inductrial injury worker, replacement equipment confirmation notice issued to inductrial injury worker and unit of choose and employ persons.

It is understood that the unit of choose and employ persons attend inductrial injury to be sure, inductrial injury worker to buy disposable urine pad and other related products fees paid by the fund of inductrial injury insurance.