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How to distinguish between adult diapers and adult nursing pad

Write:Tuaiqiu Time:2016-04-12 17:02:14

Adult diapers and adult nursing pads are disposable paper urine incontinence, adult care products and its use method and the appearance and function are very similar. For many consumers, they are just different names for the same product. Actually otherwise. The following Xiaobian for you to introduce how to distinguish between adult diapers and adult nursing pads.

Shape, adult diapers is flaky, dressed for shorts type. It is the adhesive sheets are connected into a pair of shorts. Adhesive sheet and adjust the waist size to fit the fat bodies of different users. And adult nursing pad is rectangular or square planar sheet, wide and long; expand the product directly laid and bed or tiled in trauma, no spinning cloth direct contact with the body, cannot adjust the size.

2. Whether it would be convenient to walk. Because adult diapers wear pants, you can follow the user to move around freely without fear of falling; and adult nursing pads because multi is rectangular or square planar sheet can not follow the user to walk around, in bed unable to patients.