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Industry dynamics

Limiting factors in the development of adult nursing pad Market

Write:Tuaiqiu Time:2016-04-12 17:09:18

With the continuous improvement of people's living standard and the level of medical technology continues to progress, people's life more and more long, population is aging trend, and the incontinence of the proportion of the population has increased rapidly. At the same time, people's requirements on the quality of life and corresponding purchasing power also continued to improve. Population aging and quality of life improved demands and purchasing power for them and their children continued to improve has lead to Chinese adult nursing pad supplies market a bright prospect in. Then in traditional Chinese economy, adult nursing pad Market or a limiting factor.

1, professional manufacturers too few

With respect to the sanitary napkins, baby diapers, adult nursing pad supplies professional manufacturers less and less. Most manufacturers only run properties of, for example, production of sanitary napkin manufacturers. At the same time, the production of adult diapers, or the production of baby diapers manufacturers, and production of adult diapers. Even professional manufacturers, boot rate are seriously inadequate, individual manufacturers start 10 days, is enough a month of sales.

2, brand awareness and brand concentration is low

In China, adult nursing pads activities because of still in the import period, brand concentration degree low, almost no brand awareness. Consumers also remain in the product and brand stage. Distance to establish consumer brand awareness and a very long way to go. Of course, brand awareness and brand concentration degree is low for the later is a chance.

3, consumption concept to be changed

Can not say that the old man had no money, but elderly Chinese money is prepared for future generations. When a small child, making money is for children can receive better education, some parents even at the expense of selling blood for their children to university. Her children, making money is to give them money to look for work, working to find but also housing, children's children was born, the rest of the money but also raise the sun. All these are carried out in the name of "love". But in the end, left to the care of their money again and cope with unexpected diseases. In a word, for old people in China, economic catch Lapel see the elbow is what often happens.

4, the product quality is generally poor

Due to the old people in China, especially the position of no income of the elderly in the family is generally low, respecting often remain in verbal. Children of adult nursing pad activities requirements is generally low, for low-cost strong sense. And the consumption concept, direct adult nursing pads activities, field will continue to move toward the lower end, more and more low price, quality is becoming worse and worse.