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Using the method of adult diapers

Write:Tuaiqiu Time:2016-04-12 17:12:58

Adult diapers is a mainly used for adult incontinence using disposable paper urine incontinence, adult diapers to adult care products. The Chinese old people and other people with disabilities the number has been increasing year by year, China's adult diaper market demand more and more. And many people for a variety of reasons, for adult diapers the correct use method is not very understanding, the following Xiaobian for you introduce adult diapers to use:

Wear underwear: like as easily wearing adult diapers.

Take off: from the urine pants on both sides of the tear off or underwear like take off.

Above is the use of adult diapers, hope to be able to help you to use the adult diapers. In addition, Xiaobian also remind you:

1, urine pants dirty, please immediately replace;

2, the used diapers wrapped in trash, not in the toilet;