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Four standard purchase of adult diapers

Write:Tuaiqiu Time:2016-04-12 17:15:00

Adult diapers is disposable paper urine incontinence, one of adult care products, mainly used in adult incontinence using a discard type diapers. Mainly used for due to the old sticky or paralysis in patients of the ship, before we buy adult diapers, must attention must be considered in advance is good we want to buy what kind of adult diapers. On this from the small series for everyone provided four points to buy adult diapers standard!

First and foremost, strong absorption. Adult urine more, the selection of diapers must choose absorb a large quantity of goods, quickly absorb urine, adhere to diapers appearance of dry, urine cuts to the skin effect, and each piece of diapers can be used for a long time, reduce the use number. Some of the items although cheap, but the absorption quantity is small, and the use of frequent replacement, to use, is not convenient.

Secondly, the permeability is good. Be sure to choose permeability good diapers, so that you can when the skin temperature is higher, the appropriate to moisture and heat release. Avoid skin appear prickly heat, rash, bedsore etc.. If patients with bedsore etc. phenomenon, be sure to stop using diapers, can change wear elastic pants and pad monolithic small diapers.

Again, soft surface. For a long time in bed, unable to take care of patients, the skin is very weak that consumers choose diapers, must be on the user's skin is easy to allergies, the surface of the diaper material to soft, smooth, without raising, does not contain can cause allergenic components.

Finally, personal leakproof. Buy diapers must choose appropriate size according to the user's body, not the same brand of goods in size will have certain difference, advocate refer to packaging marked outside the size, not invariable. Diapers wears comfortable next to the skin, legs and waist elastic groove is not looking too tight, otherwise it will the skin Le injury. Posting better function to a leak proof planning, whether it is walking, turning, wheelchair, will not let loose, drop, cannot have the side leakage, leakage problems.